Stillbirth – Surfers Paradise

Artist: Stillbirth
Song: Surfers Paradise
Album: Strain of Gods
Release Date: November 19th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM/Stoner Metal

Music & Lyrics written by: Lukas Swiaczny
Guitars & Vocals recorded by: Lukas Swiaczny
Solo in Chillpart recorded by: Lwandile Prusent
Drums recorded by: Martin Grupe
Bass-Guitars recorded by: Lukas Kaminski & Dominik Koenig

Bandmembers Stillbirth 2021:
Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals
Leonard Thoma – Guitar
Jens Strack – Guitar
Dominik K├Ânig – Bass Guitar (R.I.P.)
Lukas Kaminski – Bass Guitar
Martin Grupe – Drums

Recordings & Mixing by: DPK Studios
Audio-Master by: Demigod Recordings
Videocut & Effects: Mariel Luis
Location: Photostudio Sebastian Blesel

Surfers Paradise

a gently breeze
blows towards your face
the sun is up
it is time to grab your surfboard

the refreshing water
invigorates your sences
paddle out to the sea
and enjoy every breath you take
every breath you take

be patient, be patient
wait for the right situation
be patient, be patient
be ready when you feel the vibration

you climb up on the surfboard
a blue giant towers up behind you
could this be the perfect ride?
unstoppable and destructive

oh no,
where is the tunnel that leads you to the light
oh yes,
there is the tunnel that keeps your hope alive

controlled by the tides you feel the waves
breaking down
the unbending force is on the hunt
the uncontested alpha predator

only one chance to escape
a ride on the back of the maneater
do you got the right speed?
do you got enough power to escape


the light at the end of the tunnel
gets darker, and darker
disoriented and alone
you dive into the darkness

one last breath before gravity is
one last encounter with mother nature

trapt in a timeless environment
interminable waiting
your body becomes one with the tides
let it go and free your soul
the last spark of life extinguished
the flame of neverending hope
you encounter the true meaning
behind the theory of relativity

highspeed on the fast lane
stopping is no option
never thought about the devastating consequences
you only live ones

oh no,
mum forget your son, he’s not coming home
oh no,
another life perished by mother nature

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