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Single: Ulter Praefinitum
Released: November 24, 2021 via Vicious Instinct Records
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: New England, United States
Facebook: https://facebook.com/wretchedtongues
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wretchedtongues
Bandcamp: https://wretchedtongues.bandcamp.com

Mixed/Mastered by Key Recordings
Artwork by Caelan Stokkermans
Video by Eric DiCarlo at Squareup Studios

A rip torn in spacetime
A tear in reality
I am torn to pieces
And put together again Relentless cosmic pressure
All things become one
And split before my eyes Sanity slips away
A snap in my psyche
Am I going insane?
All things become clear Before they dissipate Insight escapes my grasp When everything fluxes
And wanes away into The Nothing
Into The Nothing
Shrouded by a dark veil
Awoken by the night’s sweet embrace
I hear a voice faintly calling to me
But its words I cannot perceive
I rise, scanning my new surroundings Never have my eyes seen the likes of this
“This land is strange, I know not this place I’m in. How do I begin to find my way back to familiarity?”
Unto me, the voices descend from the heavens and rise up from the depths down below The violent ringing of words I do not know
How can I discern speech from this madness?
What do my ears now bear witness to?
Words from a language unknown beamed directly into my mind An entire lexicon unfolding within
Absorbing this knowledge against my will
My eyes have been opened to untapped potentialities
The voices speak unto me
In increasing volume and malicious tones This unwanted knowledge racking my brain Repeating over and over

The words are all becoming the same The words are all becoming the same!
My mortal shell cannot sustain this
I cry out in vain
But my pleas are swallowed into the Nothing “Please god! Oh please! Help me!”
A surge
A jolt
An imprint
Left in the back of my consciousness
I fall to my knees
“Oh god please!”
As the dialect is translated to me
Unto me
The voices descend coherently
Droning and echoing the same phrase incessantly
“From the void you were born, and in death to The Nothing you shall return

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