The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Invictus Unto Fire (Official Video)

Artist: The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Song: Invictus Unto Fire
Album: The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Release Date: January 28th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore/Downtempo


Invictus Unto Fire

Rain death
Blood holds the only truth
Hate what you love
Welcome to the worst day of your life
But then I found you
Forever in sickness
It’s all a lie
Return me to the ground
Invite my light before the blackest doom
Eternally chain my soul to the hound
We’re in love for no reason
With no net to catch our fall
At least we’ll have each other
Because feelings are for breaking but never for safekeeping
Woe is me turning in my grave as the walls they come crumbling on down
Your mouth screams lies
But your eyes
They scream the truth
So I sit and I wait for the day when I come back to you
What we see is a drop
What we do not
Fills an ocean
A knotch in the belt of a life in confusion
I dream I am dead
I dream I’m alive
When I dream of you
That’s if I ever sleep at all again
Every night the Devil slips into my mind during the Witches’ moonlight
Whisper nothingness to me dear as we sleep at Death’s door
Here everybody dies

As if no one ever lived…but wait…there’s more…oh yes
My heart might be true but I still can’t resist the urge to slaughter them all when I
catch up to you
We bear the Devil’s child
Call him your son
Kneel before the backwards dog
Invictus unto fire
The Devil came and took my angel
Rain death
Lord stop will you deliver from evil
Rain death
The pain here is just so unbearable
Rain death
I look to gain it all but I’m too god damn deceitful
Rain death
Rain death
In sickness
It’s all a lie
Rain death

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