Near Death Condition – The Bridal Chamber (Official Lyric Video)

Artist: Near Death Condition
Song: The Bridal Chamber
Album: Ascent from the Mundane
Release Date: February 11th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal (BDM)

Patrick Bonvin: guitars
Tony Petrocelly: bass
Magnus: vocals

The Bridal Chamber
(Music & lyrics: Patrick Bonvin)

Descending from the Divine source
Originating from the same fragment of light
Twin souls painfully separated through Wisdom’s self will
Oneness of Humanity separated into male and female
In order to experience life in matter

Sparks of light wandering in darkness and pain
Evolving through unfortunate experiences
And ephemeral encounters in our spiritual quest
With the hazy memory and the nostalgia of lost unity
In a perpetual search for the other

We now have found and have recognized each other
But our tumultuous life paths
Having brought us to different vibrational levels
Force us to move away from each other again and again
Before we can eventually vibrate in unison

But from now we will progress hand in hand
Contributing from far and near to help each other evolve
And we will suffer from not being together
Reliving at each separation the pain of the initial tear
Before we ultimately meet for eternity

And that day will come when we will enter the bridal chamber
Naked, rid of our garment of flesh
Accessing simplicity, rid of our mundane illusions
Uniting our bodies in an eternal embrace
Two becoming One through perfect sexuality

Becoming the primordial androgyne
Spiritual human in mandorla
Surrounded by the Tetramorph, the four Livings
Symbol of the masculine and the feminine united
Spreading the light unseen
Manifesting the Divine within
Turning ignorance into wisdom
We will rise to shine above all
And from this sacred union
The descendants of the Divine will be born
And we will meet eternity

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