Pyrexia – The Art of Infamy

Artist: Pyrexia
Song: The Art of Infamy
Album: Gravitas Maximus
Release Date: December 10th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

The Art of Infamy
Music/Lyrics : Basile

Step into my oracle
my dreams become your nightmare
prepare the propaphol
insert the intrivenus
The arms and legs go stiff
pupils are diolating
escape impossible
begin examination
Knife in hand
flashing lights
from my camera
wide awake
my gruesome thoughts become
so twisted and demented
breathing starts becoming labored
tubes coming from your mouth
your senses inundated
a drain inside your stomach
your eyes cannot perceive
exactly what they witness
you see your legs removed
but yet you do not feel it
extricate the flesh
heart pumps what is left
brain still functioning
pain starts seeping in
Life begins to fade
your weakening
tears stream down your face
your accepting
seconds left to live
nothing left to give
glorify my obsession
revel in your dissection
everything for presentation
fingernails and teeth
keepsakes for my vast collection
prepare the plastic bags
put on the rubber gloves
now get the duct tape
the odor penetrating
how many bags to use
where should I dump the body
must get the media
to understand my work
they cant appreciate
I did it for the masses
I use their blood as paint
their bodies as a sculpture
Give me the recognition
I want the Infamy
To be the worst of humans
Eternal History

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