Embryonic Devourment – Manipulation of the Senses (Official Video)

Artist: Embryonic Devourment
Song: Manipulation of the Senses
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/heresyofthehighestorder
Album: Heresy of the Highest Order
Release February 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal (BDM)




Feed off your energies
unleash the most inner urges, let it rise until it surges, figh or flight your misght is right
cleanse the soul by eating others fears and tears until it smothers, saturate then masturbate
spell complete , transferred to nibiru, sent through space, otherwordly absortion
gained divine entrance, ageless embrace knowledge, used to our advantage, mimic the old ones secrets
monotomic gold is snorted up the nose, expansion of the mind pineal gland enlarged
psychic ability, astral made connection
this is done by reason, i still live beyond death when i take my last breath
boarding the alien craft, transcend into another realm, continue the journey ahead
travel through the cosmos, soul travels on, through Sobek the great
taken into a new paradise thats hidden

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