Near Death Condition – Nothing from Naught (Official Play-Through Video)

Artist: Near Death Condition
Song: Nothing from Naught
Album: Ascent from the Mundane
Release Date: February 11th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal (BDM)

Patrick Bonvin: guitars
Tony Petrocelly: bass
Magnus: vocals


Nothing from Naught
(Music & lyrics: Patrick Bonvin)

And from Nothingness came the self-aware thought
The First Thought in which the light of the Ineffable reflects
Light that is making all things manifest
Shineth Ennoia in this effulgence of light
In the First Thought all potentialities have emerged
Darkness and chaos have received their germs
And from these germs have grown the lower worlds
The worlds of matter sculpted from the mire
Darkness that burdens the incarnated light
Comprehended not what came from Ennoia
It is lost in the worlds of infinite vacuity
Not radiating from the very heart of the flesh

And Man was created from the dust of darkness
The worldly reflection of the perfect Androgyne
Word descending from above through eons of twelve
Was then sent to recover the Divine light
Made prisoner of the matter in the world of darkness
Flesh marred by primary instincts
And by painful experiences of life
Dwelt on what is superficial and ephemeral
Among what has emerged from the germs of potentialities
Us and all living creatures
Full of the memory of our Divine origins
Of our light within separated from the whole
Grace we’ve been granted with
And that has made us manifest in darkness and chaos
Truth that has been revealed by the holy treachery of Judas

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