To The Grave – Seven Billion Reasons Why (Official Video)

Song: Seven Billion Reasons Why
Album: Epilogue
Release Date: April 16th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore

Video shot and edited by Blake Curby at Blake Curby Creative Footage from the “Global Warning” tour
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Cadden at Violent Sound.
Additional vocals recorded by Matt Clarke


“Seven Billion Reasons Why”

Angels fear to tread the land of human beings
Only demons live here and even they can’t breathe
Rot and ruin, above and below
A mother and her child, two birds with one stone
This depression swept the world without warning
Safe and sound in the eye of the storm
Every man, woman and child cast into lakes of fire
Just to keep the people warm
We’re all as good as fucking dead
The last of the herd died off
Too weak to walk. As the vultures slowly picked her apart
She watched her children die out in the cold
Coughing up blood and gasping for air as they tread the coals
We’re just a blink in the eye of the universe
A blue dot drifting through a fathomless void
Lay us down and send us off in our hearse
Our last breaths were spent begging to be destroyed
Our lady of death I pray, jesus christ weeps blood tonight
Let the black drown out the light
We bit off more than we could ever hope to chew
So when we choke don’t say nobody warned you
In memory of a species that once was and could have been
We traded it all for greed when we had mouths to feed
Caught in the acid rain with tongues out trying to get a taste
Too late to lift your weight, we all had a sacrifice to make

Digging down as we claw through the coffin
I watched them fall through the cracks
We flew so close to the sun our wings disintegrated
Like moths to open flame, dying on our backs
Looking up at the world we could’ve had
We all deserve to burn the same
All man are pigs and must lay in the flames
I’ve got no more blood left to bleed
I’ll scream until it kills me
Humans are a fucking disease
God has abandoned us
The storm swept the planet so fast
And it was at that moment we knew we couldn’t turn back
Roll over in regret
You’ve dug your graves now lay in them.

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