Near Death Condition – Ascent from the Mundane

Artist: Near Death Condition
Song: Ascent from the Mundane
Album: Ascent from the Mundane
Release Date: February 11th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal (BDM)

Patrick Bonvin: guitars
Tony Petrocelly: bass
Magnus: vocals


Ascent from the Mundane
(Music & lyrics: Patrick Bonvin)

Join back the sphere of the Twelve Zodiacs
Entering the Veil of the Place of the Right
Submit not to the hyle of the depths but
Unite with the Treasure of the Light
Searching for completion in the Great Nothingness

Complete asceticism in abstinence
Healing the fragmented light fallen from the Whole
Rise from chaos through the lower worlds
Initiating the reunification with Wisdom
Save the divine light from the mire
Transcending the matter of chaos and darkness

Impurity of flesh feeds the Dragon of outer darkness
Salvation is achieved through the release from the garment of flesh

Light dispersed from Unity by the sin of Wisdom
Under the highest circle of Twelve has fallen
Creating worlds of lower gods from darkness
Ignominious deity creating the flesh
From the cosmic rape of the fallen Wisdom
Engraving in the body the lowest instincts
Regurgitating the murky mud of hatred

Salvation through knowledge of the divine light within
Enlightened by the mirrored image of the First Mystery
Reflected in the Garden of the manifested world
Promise of redemption through illumination
Exalting the sparkle of Divine enslaved in flesh
Nothing is left from the sanctuary of vice
This empty shell returning to the hyle below

Impurity of flesh feeds the Dragon of outer darkness
Nothing will save the light but the withering of the garment of flesh

Erase all that comes from the mire of darkness
Drink from the cup of oblivion to die in the flesh
Elevate the fragment of Divine above the sculpted dust
Nothing will save the light but death of the body

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