Embryonic Devourment – High Clearance Code Access

Artist: Embryonic Devourment
Song: High Clearance Code Access
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/heresyofthehighestorder
Album: Heresy of the Highest Order
Release February 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal /BDM




I invoke thee – ancient Sobek – incantation – ancient Suchos
Spiritual vision quest
Waters of Nun – origin to all
Soknopis – risen from the dark black water
Empty Universe – your eggs hatched ancient Earth
Your sweat feeds our vegetation
Quench the land – plentiful with your protection
Son of Neith, Son of Set
Hunter and the symbol of strength
Your emergence and presence restores order to
our world
Govern humanity through your divine law
Earthly embodiment of you shall be in a crocodile
Ordained with gold and sacred jewels
Fed with the finest meats – worshipped as your earthly alter
You’ll take on many forms
Strengthened by many books
Rediscovered by modern humans
Chanting your name I invoke you
Remembered through your apple of knowledge
Sect of the ancient reptilian – church of Suchos
We wait the return, your home planet Nibiru
Christians will look away blinded by bloated faith
Few understand your greatness
Few read between the lines
Fooled by 13 disciples
They lack intelligence

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