Embryonic Devourment – Never Ending Human Misery

Artist: Embryonic Devourment
Song: Never Ending Human Misery
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/heresyofthehighestorder
Album: Heresy of the Highest Order
Release February 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal /BDM




Never ending human misery
Through the sands of time, mass manipulation
Irquote ve lived off your fear
At the front of war, seeded through religion
Serpent Breeding Tool
Advertising through your tv stations daily
Slaves of Technology
Branded with a barcode you can think that yourquote ll have freedom
Humans have such weak minds
I-Reptile King!
Demand to drink virgin menstrual blood
Tradition of the ancient alien
Drunk off the sweet flowing blood nectar
We are your enslaviors
Bow Down
Disguised as your reigning leader
Obey! Adhere! Serve Me!
You are just a patron of the system
Bred into a victim of religion
Kept a virgin for you serving purpose
Waiting for the ritualistic purpose
Squat for you me gracefully
Slurp from your cup of Vir-gin-i-ty
Praise the old religion
Sobek Thrives
Sex, War, Greed
Brand the world in hate
I harvest emotions
Manipulate through society
Right from the start humans were slaves
Pyramid laborers
Dark forces rule from beyond this world, interstellar law
I pick the choice for breeding
Season has come, her ripe warm blood
Swallows! Seeds of Sobek!
Recognize the lizard demon
Worshipped by the pharaohs
I am in your books, most ancient beliefs
Mayan snake god, Aztec Pharoah
Lizard nephilim, fuse your DNA
Enlightened by virgin nectar

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