A Night in Texas – God’s Throne (Official Video)

Artist: A Night in Texas
Song: God’s Throne
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/godsthrone

Release Date: March 24th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore

Kneel before the throne of god for it is he
The true saviour of life who beckons the repentance of your sins
Speak not in vein of the name of the holy
Or be cast to the incendio of agony below

Striking the hearts of the wicked you shall know his name
The one who died only to be reborn
For the deliverance of god, blood drips from the wooden cross
Thorns lacerate the cranium of the decaying prophet
All hail the return of the holy liberator

Soldiers of the light sent from the skies above
To reinstate his majesty, his powers are above all
He gave us violence to wage upon each other
And to contest the powers that be
Forever embellished by the faith of the light, we will sip on the blood of hells serpents
For it is they a weaker breed of man who succumb to the hellion from the abyss
And pledge their souls to the heresy of the fallen angels of the blackened netherworld
Further feeding the antichrists hunger for death
Javelins spear the hearts of the forsaken ones
The crown of Lucifer begins to fracture under gods majesty
Slowly crumbling hells sacred divinity and domination of all abominations
The cleansing as begun, the souls of the impure are banished under our gods light
Disintegration of the heinous ones
For every soul that is captured feeds this holy reckoning
Sterilising the skies of all that is tainted and contaminated by hells misery

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