Crown Magnetar – Alone In Death

Artist: Crown Magnetar
Song: God is My Enemy
Album: Alone in Death
Release Date: March 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore


Crashing down in an echoing wave of impurity
Subjected, neglected, my intellect is gone

Shaded embers cool as natural liquid flows upon
Smoke saturates the rotting air
Filled with decomposition on a sweltering day

The sweat collected on thy brow as the iron reigns down
Dissecting my skin, immobilized and pale

No one dare stare into these eyes
Blank and drained of all life within

Honor my rule and war torn scent within
I am forever the Icon of sin

Building blocks or evolution destroyed
Forced to ash and the dust of the earth
Return to excruciation on this day
Pools of blood over take the plains the only life that remains

I exist constant pain
Recollection of a pathetic past
Empty and nothing left inside
Defaced I have nowhere to hide

Cryptic hell distorting reality
Death textured flesh embalmed within

Nothing will ever be ok
for I am the icon of sin
Your face grayed out in the aura of firing hell

She will leave soon leave the earth in a shallow grave below the dirt inflicting pain on my soul forever the pain will live inside

Burnt to ash and resurrected in life your light shines no more as the past terminates

Summon the gods of hate as I fall back into another dimension

I beg I plead
With the only god I know to just end my fucking life

The eye of the storm has engulfed my entire self
The calm winds pull gently at my blackened heart

Living in a world of waste time slows down and in hell I shall reign

Unforgiven sludge we become
Trudging through with no end in sight
Sunken to depths of pure and perfect sedation

I am the king of hell forever

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