Crown Magnetar – Hellsphere (Official Lyric/Visualizer Video)

Artist: Crown Magnetar
Song: Hellsphere
Album: Alone in Death
Release Date: March 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore

Video by – Scott Rudd


the shattered pieces of this world
They will bow at my will
Broken down, infinitely depleted
They will crawl towards their end

No peace remains
Just hate for every living creature
Ever born in this universe
Every creature that’s ever existed.

Show them forth
Ripped from their gods
Until there’s nothing left
Surrendered and sacrificed

Watch as they run in fear
Worthless slaves judged in fire

Mentally tortured within my perception
Nothing remaining but scars and incisions

Awakened to serve thy wrath upon any ounce of hope
I will drown in the blood of all
The rivers flow to completion

Sunken to depths of pure and perfect sedation

Show them forth.
Gripping these life forms
At the sea, witness now there’s nothing left

I’ll show you how pissed humanity can fucking be

Pathetic and nothing more
Carved into my fucking skull
Forgotten waste i exist in hell
At the will of my depravity

I exist in the beauty of hell x2
Degrading myself for I am worthless
Descending further downward
I inhale deaths scent and rejoice once more

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