Crown Magnetar – The Pain of Existence

Artist: Crown Magnetar
Song: God is My Enemy
Album: Alone in Death
Release Date: March 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore


The sun has left my sight once again.
As I descend into hate and sadness
This is where I reside and what fills my soul

The sun will not rise again
Entombed in a world of pain
All I consume
The light is gone

I deserve pain
I deserve hell
I deserve death inside of this rancid well

I am unworthy and I am meant to be used
A slave, a test subject, a human punching bag

A vile rejection lost in absolution
Embedded in lies

I refuse to live in this realm
Of greed and agony

Imprisoned by chains
Branded by this hate

My very flesh scorched
I cannot wake
I will not wake
The sun will not rise

You will know what it means to fear a fucking god
Wind swept desolation I embrace
Ashen bones in my sight disintegrate

Unholy king I know summon the serpent.
Infinite guilt and pain inscribed in my bones

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