Crown Magnetar – Graverot

Artist: Crown Magnetar
Song: Graverot
Album: Alone in Death
Release Date: March 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore


I was born in ash
Spawned from hatred and distrust
Distrust for every single human form

Destined for hell
A useless flesh orb
Summoned from below to rule over all

The energy of life has bled out before me
Inside of my chest, black as the night
Deflowering a reverence for god
You will suffer the death just as the thousands before me

Lies from the text carved within
Invading all reasoning departure from reality

Embedded swine, burn from my law

Resemblance of an in human form
Kneel to me pray for me to give into mercy
A will bestowed of larvae and burning leaves
Curse me and mold me in this sulfuric realm

Generated kill mechanism incarnated for destruction
Unholy matter is placed upon thy will
Banish thy self for the betterment of this planet

Carved deeply within injected with the sulfur of hell

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