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Single: Null
Released: June 18, 2022
Genre: Metal
Location: Oklahoma City, OK.
Facebook: https://facebook.com/cell-109755851711486
Instagram: https://instagram.com/cellmetal_

Engineered by Mychal Soto.
Video by Skyler Conder.

I drift off into the sunlight, aching for relief.
I fall into the sheets but I cannot fall asleep.
I drown out the silence, but I cannot find my home.
I claw at the sky but the heavens cannot hear me scream alone.

And it never f*cking changes.

You fade into me, a familiar face but unrecognized.

You tear at the seams as the breath leaves my body.
Dig it as far as it will go, for this is now my home.
I’m lost again, with only one place left to go.
There’s no f*cking hope.

I call out for you.
Call out for you to f*cking save me.
As it takes it’s final form, and chokes me in.
The fate of my hatred and everlasting pain takes control and does me in like a knife to the throat.

Tearing at the seams.
Breathing into me.

You tear my existence at the motherf*cking seams.

Fade into me, a familiar face but unrecognized.

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