Organectomy – Cult of Excess

Artist: Organectomy
Song: Cult of Excess
Album: Nail Below Nail
Release Date: July 8th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Cult of Excess
Written by Sam McRobert, Levi Sheehan
Lyrics by Alex Paul

To rely upon the extreme
Thought pattern altered
Craving violent modes of outlet
Seeking retribution for my sins
They look to find the cracks in my psyche
They find monotony and resentment towards this life
And the life of the others bearing the same
Reflection of their hearts
Dragged down to the cesspit
Breaking free my instincts scream to breed and kill
Teeth to throat, rich blood flowing down my gullet
Scrambling to find my place within this crimson orgy
Surges of euphoria snap our brains in different ways
As the effect of dementing, mind warping narcotics wears off
A quiet penetrates the air as a moment passes
A sudden rush of shame engulfs, not from the death, but that
We need more. Take us back to the ignorance of excess
Panic leads to violence
Consuming anything
Bloodshed leads to relief
Ingesting anything
Simulating total detachment of the human mind

No more blame in our hands when we’re in this cult of excess
No escape from the desire when we’re in this cult of excess
Engorge yourself on the endless desperation driven by clarity
These beings, the adversaries, are the gods of your cult of excess

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