Organectomy – Entrapped Savagery

Artist: Organectomy
Song: Entrapped Savagery
Album: Nail Below Nail
Release Date: July 8th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Entrapped Savagery
Written by Matt Bolch, Levi Sheehan, Alex Paul
Lyrics by Alex Paul

An entity committed to violence
Unquantifiable brutality
An extreme volume of blood
Saturates all in its wake
Zealots unleash a torrent of ineffective hellfire
Against the colossus built only to kill
Writhing meat golem
Swinging flesh tendrils

Dismembered, only to grow back
A Hydra made of skin
Captured and thrown into its serrated maw
The sufferer is pulled in by a pharyngeal jaw
Bludgeoned by pistons of bone
Pulverized for ease of digestion
Suffocating from tracheal pressure
Entrapped by savagery
Face first into a pool of acid
They dissolve to become energy
Teeth or bone, nothing remains
Barely fueling an angel destroyer

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