Worm Shepherd – The Broken Earth (Official Stream)

Artist: Worm Shepherd
Song: The Broken Earth
Album: The Sleeping Sun
BUY/STREAM – orcd.co/thesleepingsun
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Video by: Scott Rudd

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I have cast a deathless shade upon my adversaries
Man and God have tried to take the will I hold
They have come and they have failed
Crushed within the palm of my unrelenting hand. I am what surrounds the observable universe for I am unseen and targeted like a deer to a bear
Stalked since birth beneath the winter sun

Yet what does the sky reveal today? A dry, dripping sun asleep and never to be awoken by the kiss of alignment.
There is a death on the horizon sitting visible and palpable it’s presence.
There is a death on the horizon sitting visible and palpable it’s presence.
The forever aniticipated death of the sun has come
And I will grip this deathless shade with the life of a billion stars. I have become the unseen overseer


Life is lost
The Blood sits cold
And it circles the stone floor beneath me
I awoke on the nether side of that deafening well. And whilst the coward’s clock spun further into the beast’s unyielding jaws, I lay comatosed in inscrutable wars for ages.

Below this bloodied floor churns a biting frost
When will this end ? And when will they die?
When will they die?
The scorner’s cloth wrapped tightly around my shoulders. I sit starved and set to feast upon the weak that roam that distant land.

The glowing fawn sits trembling circled by wolves starved and betrayed
Innocent yet symbolic of the suffering cast upon their weathered claws
Petrified before the snarling salivating beasts

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