Worm Shepherd – The Parting Sea (Official Stream)

Artist: Worm Shepherd
Song: The Parting Sea
Album: The Sleeping Sun
BUY/STREAM – orcd.co/thesleepingsun
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Video by: Scott Rudd

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For I am the unquenchable river
The undying will
I am incorruptable
The unquestionable shadow
The eternal breath of insatiable hunger

Never to be crushed beneath the heel of a world baying for the quietus of my vitality.
I have slain everything every hunter in my path
What gives life to belief that you could cling to life standing across from me pointing your rusted daggers.
I will lay waste to each of you
And revel in your subjugation

Who holds that knife
Cutting all life from their light
You all have died
Living lies
The spreading blight
Running out of time
You all have died.

you can send me anyone
just send no one you want back

How do we clean this fucking mess
I will meet you across the gate

I will see you rest in blood floating before our starving king.
Now drink the wines that spill from the open throats of the lowly court
What is the price of your heads now should we be so fortunate

They will forget how to speak, and I will take their tongues
They will forget how to see, and I will take their eyes
They will forget their blood
The tunnel swallows all

You will bring death to all who follow you.

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