Atoll – Homicidal Repentance (Official Stream)

Artist: Atoll
Song: Homicidal Repentance
Album: Human Extract
Release Date: August 25th 2023
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Homicidal Repentance

murderous repention

this world can be the lure of evil

This world is grit before I begin to run

i am searching for the moment of violence
for the confrontation

from The moment i arrive,
silence will drown me now
im on the job, you’re on your knees
you fucking parasite

You’ll eat your words,

and I will lie you On your kitchen table.
I’ll kill you just like that,
tightening down the straps

slice open all your veins and tear your fucking spine in half
no more hiding for you
your craniums been smashed

when you search for the truth the answers will be found
and we will fill our glasses with your viscus blood

This has to be a tragedy
they are screaming

Hanging over my head you’ll find
My sorrowed songs

My blood runs cold, my blood runs so cold


You are so full of talent
Crying, crying

She’s terrified and now she’s screaming
You are the one doing wrong, it seems

she Just had a bad dream,
She thinks it’s finished but now she is crying

Look at her eyes, stare into her innocent eyes

ill have my vengence for the
millions that have suffered
ill drown you in your blood
the gurgles and the puss


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