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Single: Dread
Released: September 8, 2023
Genre: Deathcore/Slamming Beatdown
Location: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Facebook: https://facebook.com/oldwharfuk
Instagram: https://instagram.com/oldwharfuk
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Vocals – Hayden Shemilt
Guitars – Dan Tait
Drums – Sam Davies

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dan Kerr of Avenue Studios
Video by JWA Creations

Last night I watched myself sleep
I ventured into the deep
To a place unknowing to me
But a domain I’ve been dying to see

As the seasons come and go
Will this pain remain the same
My annihilation draws its breath
The vultures circle and do there dance of death

This place is not for the weak
A twisted game of hide and seek
This world has taken enough from me
For now I’ll bathe in the debris

Sorrow fits me perfectly, like a slave to its master it never leaves
You’ll haunt me endlessly, until I’m picking out blood clots from my teeth

Mould myself a brand new face
One that learns to smile again
Repulsive, offensive, repugnant, abhorrent

As darkness caresses the light
Dead cold and petrified
Revel in my distress
Feeding your appetite

When darkness swallows the light
My grave lies self-satisfied
My Body becoming white
It’s time to say goodnight

Why does it feel like the walls are closing in on me
Why does it feel like everyone’s my enemy
I gave in to your game just to let you have your way
When all is said and done I’m still the one who’s come undone

Shall I revert to type and cry my ghosts to sleep at night
My life paves way for illusion
No peace and no conclusion

Drill through my head take what is left
Cut through my chest to warm the dead
Drain out my blood then paint the halls
Leave me to rot inside the walls

My hands grow numb from digging myself a grave
The last thought I have tells me that I’m better off DEAD!!

Better off Dead
Better off Dead
Better off Dead

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