TO THE GRAVE – B.D.T.S. [Official Stream]

New album Director’s Cuts – (Deluxe Edition) out on September 15th.
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Produced & Recorded by Matt Clarke
Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc



Today the violence came to a screeching halt
March into the streets and toward the sheds
Bring anything you can to defend yourself
Wear a mask to conceal your identity
Once the last cage is emptied and destroyed
And the last facility has been razed to dust
They’ll come crawling back to thank us

“Burn it down”
Before it kills us all
Gut the belly of the beast, let the guts fall down
Cold cuts, we thaw em out
Tonight we storm and set fire to the slaughterhouse
Before it burns us all
The sound of the screams
Behind their walls
Flesh cut by the pound
Gasoline and toss a match, ash to ash, in the ground

Liberate, incinerate
Make monsters scared to check under their beds
Lit the flames, intimidate
Keeping bullets spare incase we find bite marks on our necks
Cover face, cut the chains
Break through the barricades
Set the stage, celebrate
Bomb in the crowd
Active shooter in your town

Burn it down
Before it kills us all
Gut the belly of the beast, let the guts fall down
Cold cuts, we thaw em out
Your final dance with the waterfowl

I found god in the sound of a burning slaughterhouse
I found purpose in the teardrops of those who deserve it

Run, run past the smoke detectors
Don’t move, broken motion sensors
Contact through signal, labelled as criminals
Move in silence, keep the comms to a minimal

Blasting trumpets shake the earth
Judgement day…kill confirmed
Gut the belly of the beast let the guts drop down
Murder the machine before it kills us all

Drones above expose the scope of it
Shake the earth when the explosion hits
Blown to bits
Burn it down
Who the fuck is laughing now?

Abattoir inferno warms my fucking back
Smiling through a face full of tear gas
Factory fires, cut through the wires
Outrun the floodlights, lips are shut tight

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