TO THE GRAVE – Found Footage [Official Stream]

New album Director’s Cuts – (Deluxe Edition) out on September 15th.
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Produced & Recorded by Matt Clarke
Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc


Found Footage

3am the alarm hits like a truck
Went to bed at 2 and barely kept my eyes shut
_’s getting ready I guess I better get up
Repeat to myself, it needs to be done
We all saw the footage, enough is enough
We’re here for one thing and she’s leaving with us

Drivers already waiting so I grab what I can
Double check I got the mask, the gloves, the cutters, the lamp
Listen up, in and out do you understand?
Split to separate cars, you take the van we’ll take the Sedan
Months in the making and we all know the plan
Wait for security to do their final scan

Pull up to the spot, alright we’ll meet you on the other side
Check we’re all in frequency and split up at the sign and barbed wires
The ones that we cut and climbed, remember last time?
Walk for what’s feeling like miles through the snakes and spiders
It could almost be peaceful out here but it’s eerily quiet
I know that I shouldn’t get used to the silence

You can smell the sheds long before you ever see em
The word to go is just “run” and that’s what we agree on

Another night spent looking at maps and blueprints
Waiting in the dark and watching for any signs of movement
Looks like we’re in the clear so cover up and then move quick
Made quick work of the padlock
Now we’re in, that’s kinda weird? Guess I’m also breaking laptops

Grab what we left, it’s up in the webs
Past the crates to the corner we left it, I’m checking it hasn’t been tampered with
Please not again
We can’t save em all, no matter how hard we can try
But we grab who we can and damn straight we’ll get her out of this shit hole alive

Was that a gunshot? Fuck go check the comms
Do you read me? Can you say something?
They’re not responding, what the fuck, not again
You take the rescue I’ll stay and break the cage
I’ll be behind you just get away

We saw all the workers leave for the day
So it couldn’t be them, keep eyes on the gates
Wait, was there always a car in the driveway?
Did they see us?
Stay low, keep my feet in
They’ll see me if I make a peep
Controlling my breathing
Hearts beating so fast, I can hear my pulse
Footsteps on the grass, fuck I need to bolt
Make it to the door
Get up gotta run
Turn around the corner

Shit, was I hit?
Am I dead? Did he miss?
I’m alright I think it grazed me, oh my god the camera saved me
He reloads, grabs his phone, drops his torch
Think I’m going cold, can’t feel my legs, vision getting blurry, bullet must have hit
Fucking started hurting
Here he comes, Can’t die like this
Need to act fast, try hide behind a bin
Grab a shard of broken glass, this is it, wait, who is that?
Where’s my friends? Where’d they go
Is that blood? I don’t know
There’s a hole in my clothes gotta run
Try to grab the gun
Feel it slipping up
Points it at my head
And then it…

Police are on the way
Meet us at the gate
Park the car about
30 yards away
One of us is hit
I’m sure we’ll be okay…

(Is anyone else hurt?)

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