TO THE GRAVE – Manhunt [Official Stream]

New album Director’s Cuts – (Deluxe Edition) out on September 15th.
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Produced & Recorded by Matt Clarke
Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc



It’s open season
Fresh cut flesh to sink your teeth in
It’s open season
So shut the fuck up when we’re speaking

They’re screaming for a sequel? See if they can survive it
Seize them

Trust me
Somebody’s gotta keep this country looking beautiful
The war we wage against animals
Honestly better off as cannibals

Trust me
If I was king for a fucking day, I’d let the lions loose
And probably put you cunts in their place
Throw away the keys to the cage
A growing indifference towards the human race
Dog will hunt…

It’s open season
Slit throats on spit roasts
Sharp objects going in dry, I bet you’ll fit both ends
Out in the sticks no one gives a fuck that you’re dead

Suns up in the outback
Ballgags and bonesaws, the rats always find their way to the mousetrap
People have been dying to leave here

Trust me
If I were God for a fucking night,
It’s nothing personal but few of you cunts would survive
Send the reaper down to drag the scythe
Justice has arrived

Scraps picked up off the killing room floor
I guess I got an appetite to die for
Rodents in my habitat
Guess I gotta take a stab at that
Trespassers will be shot at
Survivors will be shot again

(Solo: Simioni)

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