TO THE GRAVE – Reversing The Bear Trap (ft. Jess Harlan) [Official Stream]

New album Director’s Cuts – (Deluxe Edition) out on September 15th.
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Produced & Recorded by Matt Clarke
Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc


Reversing The Bear Trap (ft. Jess Harlan)

Put one into anything that moves
Put two in the head to make sure
I’ve fit three in the coffin, put four in the boot
In a war nobody wins but we’ll make sure you lose

Assume the position
We’re all made of meat, I’ve heard we taste like ch%#*@n
Limbs on sticks, heads on plates in hell’s kitchen
Time to feast, I see you backing up
I guess I like my competition fattened up

I can’t wait
Cutting, cutting, cutting through the stomach, stomach
Tooth and nail
Fastest way to a heart is through the fucking ribcage
Too late, too late
Meat’s back on the menu mate

Mindless parasites
Hunt em’ down out of spite
Onslaught, on sight
Let’s see your fucking insides
Infested, like a plague
Let em run for my entertainment
Watch the ego dissipate
Isn’t suffering the preference?

I can’t wait
To serve man a taste of his own fucking medicine
Bloodthirst runs deep
Bleed, human supremacist

I’ll do me, you do you
Blood will spill, live and let kill

Carve em up
If killing is culling, if culling Is cleansing
Hands are soaked
I’m hunting heartbeats
Before they hunt me
Pull their teeth
Vultures watch the nest, their eyes affixed, a taste for blood
Flesheaters can’t be trusted, retaliation is a must

I fleshed it out
Trim the fat, give a fuck? Nah
I’m hunting heartbeats
Before they hunt me

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