TO THE GRAVE – V For Visceral [Official Stream]

New album Director’s Cuts – Offcuts (Deluxe Edition) out on September 15th.
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Produced & Recorded by Matt Clarke
Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc



Fucked with a sharp object
Let’s talk about high-impact
No mercy for innocence
The pliers are in you next

Squirm, for research purposes
Burns in the fur, we only learn that we’re all murderers
Cold steel going in dry, cutting, opening wide
The reaper in a lab coat, syringe for a scythe
Scalpel shine reflected in those puppy dog eyes and deep throated
Cockroaches for the cleanup, bring in the locusts
Lipstick on a rat and it’s still a rodent
If they ever need a motive why the fuck I snapped tell em…

This world is too sick to fix
Prep the prods, shock tactics motherfucker

The devil didn’t make them do it
They knew better
Birds of a feather dying huddled together

Back off, back off
Are you scared? You fucking better be
Always use a rubber with you cunts don’t know where you been
Taxidermist, pliers, axes, urges
I’ll give you rats a purpose
I sentence you all to die
(and it goes like)

Gloves on, mask, bonesaw, apron
They want a reason why I chopped ’em to pieces?
Just tell em

This world is too sick to fix
This world is way too sick too fucking fix

Frozen in panic or did panic somehow freeze?
You don’t matter in the splatterhouse freak
Down here your god is me
You’re fucked (with a sharp object repeatedly)

Blood and buckets of it
Every witness has vomited
Slice through the oesophagus
This world is too sick to fix

Down in the labs
Strap the fucking stomach in and stab it (stab it)
More than a few ways to skin a rabbit
Leaving in a plastic casket

Following the bloody paw prints
To the medical waste
Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe
Sharpening our razor blades…

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