Condemned – Sigil of Belial (Official Visualizer)

Artist: Condemned
Track: Sigil of Belial
Album: Daemonium

Year: 2023
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: BDM

Sigil of Belial

Crimson flesh calligraphy
Regard my soul your template
Slicing incantations, suffering
Carved in blood, I summon thee

Constructing thy Temple
Towering, penetrating skies
Separate the feeble heavens
We rise, spitting in the face of god

Berserk daemonic army
Warlords malformed creatures
Beast of unclean nature

Follow the sigil
Promethean tyrants
Tyrants Tyrants
Tartarian descendants
Reclaim this extinguished Earth

Falling stars align
As we rebuild the shrine
Extinction destined by design
To slaughter the swine

An epidemic of violence
Surrounded by viscera
The stench of the decay
A pungent stench reaching gods throne
The heavens retch in repulsion

Disembowling hypocrites and the fakes
Burning worshippers impaled on stakes
Plumes of grey smoke block the heavens sight from the miserable and wicked deeds below

Blood and ash rain across the soils
As the ocean is tainted with crimson
We welcome eternal armageddon
Apocalypse initiates prepare for war with god

Rise, Belials Throne Reclaimed
Reclaimed Reclaimed Reclaimed
Endless, bludgeoning disciples
Limbs Maimed, Limbs Maimed, Limbs Maimed

Death, humiliating seraphim
Lies, distorting the truth of christ
Exorcisms in Futility

Minions cleave forth, Slain them
Devour the limbless torsos of the blind
Dismembered remnants of the daemoniam
Exterminate their worthless kind

Grand Architecture of wickedness
The mark of the fallen
Purity, the greatest denial

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