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Album: Awaken The Ancients
Release: December 1, 2023
Genre: Death Metal
Location: Ottawa, ON, CA
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hatredreignsband
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hatredreigns

Mitchi Dimitriadis – Vocals
Jeff Calder – Guitars
Neil Grandy – Drums
Adam Semler – Bass & Vocals

All songs performed by Hatred Reigns
All music and lyrics written by Hatred Reigns
Orchestration created by Hatred Reigns
Recorded at DMS Studios (May 2021 – Apr 2022)
Engineered & Produced by Hatred Reigns
Mixed & Master by Mitchi Dimitriadis at Dark Moon Productions (Oct – Dec 2023)
Artwork by Pedro “Lordigan” Sena
Layout by Neil Grandy

Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you
To unearth these forlorn lands
Riddled with prolonged suffering
Crimson storms whirl above desolate shores
Enthralled by the isle’s mysterious yore
Entranced by structures of lusters gold-laced
Gothic tombs carved into thy mesa face
The damned scale the precarious staircase
Breath of the unknown awaits this foul place
Oozing souls spew from ghoulish spouts
A failed requiem
Sentinels post neath arches of a spired light
An ominous place cloaked in a timeless night
A veil pulled down slowly; shattered to pieces
To bid farewell finally to delusioned anamnesis
Enamored by the ignis fatuus lure
Enticed within to pursue the spoor
White noise fills your thoughts like a dream
Details of your visions become crystalline
Unable to identify the source
Disinclined to ignore the temptation
Drawn towards an unknown force
Surpassing your worst apprehensions
Closed mortal eyes
Open your eternal mind
Release it to us now
This deafening silence so hypnotizing
Stepping off to a realm so mesmerizing
Acceptance towards wonders so dispelling
Ancients surround this domain so compelling

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℗ & © 2023 Hatred Reigns
All rights reserved.

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