Condemned – Devils Feast (Official Stream)

Artist: Condemned
Track: Devils Feast
Album: Daemonium

Year: 2023
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: BDM

Devils Feast

In this body
lay hosts of hellions
for which no eyes can see
An intra world of misery
seized by these keepers
plaguing and torturing
allot various afflictions
conducting a will
of malevolent executions
speaking in serpent tongues
of foreign vulgarities
My body forms a prison

Teeth of beasts devouring
Seeping in me
into my energy
A Devils feast upon my sanity
Demonic Lunacy

reality torn astray
I am not me
The absence of light
cold and desolate
my spirit smolders
in bitter destruction

They taunt soundly
in tongues of enmity
Mocking my faith, humiliation ensues

Denied consumptions
weakened and famished
Asphyxiation, their hands clench
my airways from within
my lungs exerted
gasping, devoid of insufflations

onward they scream their call
onward they scream their call

Teeth of beasts devouring
Their fingers seep into my eyes
A Devils feast upon my sanity
Suffering knows no end

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