Condemned – Infernal Legions of Amon (Official Stream)

Artist: Condemned
Track: Infernal Legions of Amon
Album: Daemonium

Year: 2023
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: BDM

Infernal Legions of Amon

Earthquakes Swell
Legions dwell
Rising from the soil
Infernal wretched ones
Vomitted from Hell’s
Gaping Throat
Gaping Throat

Bloodstained covenants
All Attempts of penance denied

False salvation
Fooled into lies of a resurrection
Reverence Unholy
Wicked Ministry of infection
Enmity with Heaven
Worshippers Crucified, prepared for Dissection
Wastelands barren
Angels Weep unable to bear witness

Earthquakes Swell
Legions dwell
Depraved Murders
Opprobrious Sacrifices

Limbless ones
Litter the Earth
Praising Daemonic forces
Inviting them to our world

Mounds Decay
contorted victims give chase
Inevitable end
Flames purify human race

Fill me with your guidance
Archduke of the fallen

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