Condemned – Malodorous Astaroth (Official Stream)

Artist: Condemned
Track: Thee I Invoke
Album: Daemonium

Year: 2023
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: BDM

Malodorous Astaroth

On Swift Black
Feathered Wings
Crowned Almighty
Inquisitor of Disaster

Malignant Breath
A Stench that Permeates
Penetrating still Air
Lungs are Filled with Flames

An Internal Inferno
Mankind Shall Suffocate

Guided by Serpents
Right hand Wields the Viper
That Shall Cast Darkness
Unto this fucking World

Great Conjurer of Devastation
Enthroned upon thee Infernal Dragon

Seducing the Masses
Through Self-Doubt and Misery
Inescapable Human Temptations
Orchestrator of Imperfection

Propensity, Fleshly Desires
Violent Purification through Fire

Sins Cultivated
Soils painted Crimson
Blood Saturated
Dragging Down thee
Unto Hellish Realms
Suffer for Eternity

Horned Champion
Perverting Prophecies
Decimate this Sinful Dimension
Purge these Worthless Souls Anew

Earth Succumb to Darkness
Plagued with Lethargy
Foul Angel
Lead our Legions
Forty fucking Legions

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