Artist: WRVTH
Album: WRVTH
Label: Unique Leader Records
Produced by Cory Davis of Yellowbox Films.

“There was a confidence I once possessed
An ever lasting unity
I foolishly believed we shared
Stowed in the memories you’ve forgotten
In the space between the words that remain unsaid
The time invested was just time wasted
A stepping stone in a garden you never watered
Rotted roots and wilted flowers
Your arrow sunk low when I let you shoot the apple off of my head
I fell to my knees gasping for life and you turned and faded into the distance
I called for you but my voice was just a faint echo mixed in the wind
A subtle murmur through this void
Left alone to die
Decisions made in vane
It’s as if I never knew you
As we cease to exist
I feel their wasn’t a moment I missed
Would I say the same for you?
Could you say the same?”

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