Pillory – Diluted Existence (Official Track Premiere)

Artist: Pillory
Track: Diluted Existence
Album: Scourge Upon Humanity
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Diluted Existence

Abhorrent and dreadful, a plague to these lands
From the dark depths of existence, their disease will be spread
Grotesque by design and born to devastate a functioning society

Scaling over resistance to find their unearned salvation

Achieving what is not deserved through the sacrifice of others
Ignoring the law of the land showing total disrespect

Finding weakness in the system that’s entering through a gaping laceration

Popular opinion
Condemn and denounce
Punish, maim and massacre

Assimilating into a collective not of their own
Raping the biological traits under the influence of polygenes
Sequences becoming mutated as lives are torn away

All that has been gathered and stored for lasting life
Is being displaced to serve this new found plague

You have no choice
You have no declaration
Obey or be extinguished

The future looks dismal
As reasonable standards drop to primitive levels
Time continues to move forward

But the model is clear

Our minds will weaken as life defers to the
Distortion and fabrication

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