Bonecarver – Revolver (Official Music Video)

Artist: Bonecarver
Track: Revolver
Album: Evil
Year: 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records

Music produced by Alex Tena and Bonecarver
Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Tena
Directed by RC Visuals

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The emptiness devours my insides.
Another bitter day hidden in the shadows.
Four gray walls take me away from reality.
Gloomy thoughts and raw memories cloud my mind.
The rain in my window reminds me of what we are made of.
My demons push me into the abyss.
Surrounded by strangers whose stories I know better than myself.
The flame of hope is fading. I am a faded memory in their rotten minds that will soon disappear.
They were always dead for me. But it’s time for their soul to rest in peace.
This is the day when the sheep tears the wolf apart, The squid strangles the shark And the
blossoms poison the swarms.
I will wear black forever and never be eclipsed again.
Now I walk towards the dark loneliness.
I’m addicted to that sweet feeling.
There is no turning back, there is no forgiveness.
A bullet pierces your head breaking through your memories turned to blood that slowly spill on
the ground where I can now see my cold and pale reflection.

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