Bonecarver – Evil (Official Music Video – Uncensored Version)

Artist: Bonecarver
Track: Evil
Album: Evil
Year: 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records

Directed by RC Visuals

Music produced by Alex Tena and Bonecarver
Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Tena

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The smell of old wood and rotten flesh makes me feel the evil that lives in this shady place.
The wind blows hard dragging with it the last hope to stay alive.
Yellow eyes looking from behind the trees. Darkness takes over the sky, takes over my heart…
I am the enemy that can not be destroyed. You brought me here and you have to pay the price.
You opened the gates of the underworld for me that’s why now the evil resides in you
and your soul will rest next to me in hell.
You have a blood covenant with me and it’s for all eternity.
Scorched skin. Cranium busted.
He will not let you run.
Nothing will stop him until he possesses your soul.
The sky is dyed with blood and the abomination arises from underground.
You must be purified if you wish to stop this.
Burial in life, corporal defibrillation and purification by fire or hell suck your soul dry.
You will become the bitch of the devil.
You will stay down here forever.
Now I crawl through the roots to take your lives.
Condemned to suffer.
Condemned to suffer.

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