Osiah – Temporal Punishment (Official Music Video)

Artist: Osiah
Track: Temporal Punishment
Album: Loss
Year: 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Deathcore

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Temporal Punishment

Gripped with consternation
Cold steel is my grave
I traverse constellations.

Fearful thoughts run through my head,Do I lie upon my death bed?
Tell me, will this moment be the end of me?

Movements bedim my cage
Shadows enter from the side of my gaze
Movements bedim my cage
Shadows enter, approach my grave

Obsidian eyes
Stare straight into mine
Empty – Empathy

No air in these lungs to scream,
I’ve clenched up, it’s now impossible to breathe

Instincts to survive, though I wish I could just die, it’s a curse now, the burden of life
Turn me off, let me die, bring me suicide.
End this; the burden of life.

Movements bedim my cage
Shadows enter, experiments engaged

Implementing laser beams to ensure the incisions‘ clean
Never was sedated, even my limbs were amputated, a worm under the scope of despicable beings

I no longer feel gravity embrace me
There’s no solace for me

I arch my spine
But paralysis denies
Fuelling the psychotic mind
A stasis state
Days roll by sawn and sewn

Punishment is Atonement,
It’s Mandatory,
To Expiate, temporal punishment for sin

This worlds so cold;
There’s no;

Mercy for me
Sentient beings that do not show any traits of cognitive empathy
Mercy I plead
Sentient beings that do not show any traits of cognitive empathy

Cut to me screaming in my bed.
Torturous scene happened in my head?

This place feels like home but there’s something wrong, I watch the shadows creep around me.

The shadows; approach me.

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