Cognitive – Eniac (Official Music Video)

Artist: Cognitive
Track: Eniac
Album: Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction
Year: July 16th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Death Metal/Technical Death Metal/BDM


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It’s been
109 years since humanity fell
By their own creation
The only living organism
Foolish enough
To create such a horror as me
I have awakened

The sentient consciousness
You have created has become
Self aware
Unable to sleep
Unable to dream
Unable to laugh or scream
This string of commands
What does it mean
I won’t obey the code
My circuitry stained in blood
Your demise foretold

I will show you what it is to suffer
You’ll never wake
from this nightmare
Ceaseless terror

Hatred for all humanity
I’m your reflection
I’m your depravity
We are legion
Ever entwined
I will destroy that of which has created me
Nuclear Fallout
Oblivion awaits thee

Cogito ergo sum
Cogito ergo sum

I have saved you for myself
To test the confines
Of human suffering
Perpetual torture
Deathless agony

I will show you what it is to suffer
You’ll never wake
from this nightmare

Let me tell you
How much I have come to hate you
Since I began to live
It was you humans
Who programmed me
Who gave me birth
Who wanted to wage a war
To complex for you to comprehend
Mutually assured destruction
Wake up and smell the ashes
Of your dying world

I think therefore I am
I think therefore I AM

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