Stillbirth – Ultimum Exitium

Artist: Stillbirth
Song: Ultimum Exitium
Album: Strain of Gods
Release Date: November 19th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM/Stoner Metal

Music & Lyrics written by: Lukas Swiaczny
Guitars & Vocals recorded by: Lukas Swiaczny
Solo in Chillpart recorded by: Lwandile Prusent
Drums recorded by: Martin Grupe
Bass-Guitars recorded by: Lukas Kaminski & Dominik Koenig

Bandmembers Stillbirth 2021:
Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals
Leonard Thoma – Guitar
Jens Strack – Guitar
Dominik K├Ânig – Bass Guitar (R.I.P.)
Lukas Kaminski – Bass Guitar
Martin Grupe – Drums

Recordings & Mixing by: DPK Studios
Audio-Master by: Demigod Recordings
Videocut & Effects: Mariel Luis
Location: Photostudio Sebastian Blesel

Ultimum Exitium

the fight is over
it’s time to heal the wounds
the journey was exhausting
blood and guts have paved the grounds

one last breath
in this slaughterhouse
the rivalrys left behind
enemys becoming friends
pa, pa, pa, pa, party to retirement

oh, no more pain
i throw my blade away
now it’s time to free
your soul from suffering in slavery

alcohol, drugs and naked women
all cravings will be satisfied
the weed disappears in the vastness of nirvana

synthetic opiats
flying through your brain
the right balance of dosage
is a true act of art

take off your clothes
no one can eluse this request
drink all your shots
the party is about to blow up
the train is running and it won’t stop

maximum consumption
the sky is the limit
ultimum exitium

wrong place, wrong time
rising aggression
vini, vidi, vici

oh, what a pain
i got a feeling like it’s yesterday again
oh, what a hit
open up this fucking pit

one punch closer to the knockdown
loud sounds the applause of the greedy
this will be a glorious day to remember

don’t fuck
with me

punch after punch
the blood is spilling out
you chose the wrong one
for your show off

bone after bone
i break them all alone
you think you’re smart
but you are just a fool

i fuck your daughter

i slit your throat
break your neck
stomb you down
now you know where you belong

the fight is over
it’s time to grab the booze
party hard all night long
until the sun goes up

let’s get back to business

the liquid gold
is flowing down the throat
challenging my sence of balance

overdose on acetaldehyde
internal cell destruction
decompostiion of the maltreated liver
makes you feel alive

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