Pyrexia – Apostles to the Grave

Artist: Pyrexia
Song: Apostles to the Grave
Album: Gravitas Maximus
Release Date: December 10th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Apostles to the Grave
Music/Lyrics : Basile

Feed on open wounds
Torn off. Feed on the blood stream
Bastard. From wrath on the inside
Petrified. By the face in the mirror
Burdened. Feel the misery.
Punishing. Soul extinguishing
Tortured. Feel the burning eyes
Decide. Mass hysteria
Control. Breaking. Overload. Sanity. Decimate
Warfare. The former days oppress you
Apostles to the grave
Born again. Mortal
Everything is dying
You can not see.
Your eyes are blinded
A pox upon you and your kind
Bread and spirits
Cut of distortion
To enter the kingdom
Sing into sadness
Silent and pure. The final condition
Quiet and listen. Digest the words
The songs of salvation
Spoiled religion. Forcible rule
The act of contrition
Raise my soul
The terrible things of me
Burning lies
Take apart your generation
The days are last. To fake your way upon the journey
Your faith is lost
Torture. Rage. Madness.
Broken. Glorified. Sadness
The horror. Flames
Growth spurned

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