Near Death Condition – Witness of the Martyr

Artist: Near Death Condition
Song: Witness of the Martyr
Album: Ascent from the Mundane
Release Date: February 11th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal (BDM)

Patrick Bonvin: guitars
Tony Petrocelly: bass
Magnus: vocals


Witness of the Martyr
(Music & lyrics : Patrick Bonvin)

It is your charity that I fear more than anything
That, in the name of a fleshly amity
You do not have mercy on me
For this is the reason I’ll escape from death

I look forward to belonging to the Most High
And if you do not say anything, I’ll be fulfilled
But your fleshly love
Is what would condemn me to stay enslaved in the mire

So do not prevent my destiny from being fulfilled
I am the wheat of the Most High
And I must be ground by the tooth of the beasts
To become the bread of the Lord

You will never have contributed to a better work
So do not show me any untimely tenderness
Stroke the beasts instead of taming them
For they become my tomb

I will win when I’ll be facing the beasts
Let me be their food
May the torments of the Demon fall on me
For I enjoy eternity

May my bones be dislocated, my limbs mutilated, my body crushed
Let me be sacrificed, while you sing praises
And if the beasts exhibit unwillingness
I will touch them with the hand for they devour me right away

Let the beasts be done with my body
And no funeral be given to me
When the world will not see my body anymore
I will then really be a disciple of God

This is the teaching of the teachings
For whoever follows this path does not walk into the darkness of the flesh
But will have the light of the First Mystery
And will be granted with eternal life

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