Embryonic Devourment – Cathy O’Brien Experience

Artist: Embryonic Devourment
Song: Cathy O’Brien Experience
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/heresyofthehighestorder
Album: Heresy of the Highest Order
Release February 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal /BDM




Cathy O’brien – MK Ultra
Mind Controlled- Sexual Slave
She was made a robot drone
Sold for profit by her father
To Gerald Ford – Reptile
Forced Ritual Rites of Blood
Made to serve men who were gods
She bears as witness – to inner circles
The hidden secrets – illuminati
Sworn to keep the knowledge of elite cult
Ritual sacrifice – is attended
She watches high rank leaders gather around flicking their tongues
Impale soft flesh with blade
Observing the terror – the victims eyes
Induced in fearful – frenzied panic
Harvesting Adrenochrome
A valved masonic drug
One by One – they drink the blood
Taste of fear consumed
Blissful Adrenochrome
Nowhere to run – Nowhere to hide
Brain control program – C.I.A funded
Subject were gathered – study of the mind set
Eventually saved by a free thinker
Her story came out publicly
Information was suppressed
Found only within underground press
cover up of C.I.A dealings
Fake disclosure of the true events
Weaponry they can use to control the people
Cathy experienced this and lived to tell the secrets

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