Embryonic Devourment – Heresy Of The Highest Order

Artist: Embryonic Devourment
Song: Heresy Of The Highest Order
BUY/STREAM – https://orcd.co/heresyofthehighestorder
Album: Heresy of the Highest Order
Release February 25th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal /BDM




World leaders gather , masonic reptiles , order of the highest, cremation of care
Up from the river , a body is floating , dressed in elegance, ready for burning
sacrificed unto gods of the old , granting the plesures, the world is our power
Fire lights up the air, smoldered , smoldered
I am the way, do as i say, this is my egg, this is my land
torture is pleasure when done with permission, i ask the gods and they give me ignition
skin now a mask, i peel it off, shedding for a new scaley face
we nod in agreeance then pledge our allegiance, our eyes turning yellow, we yell and bellow
feasting into the night, gorging my skin growing tight
pissing the mead that i drink wherever i please
feeling the might, heresy tonight, high as a kite, celebrate so loud, we stand so proud
immense is our touch, your soul our crutch, ominous deeds, ominous deeds

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