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Single: Hunted Through Hell
Released: June 3, 2022
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hangingthenihilist
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hangingthenihilist

Danish deathcore band HANGING THE NIHILIST are back and ready to present their debut full-length ‘Prophetic Blasphemy’ – an album filled with breakdowns and epic compositions, where each track both brutally and beautifully expresses the tale of divine ambition and hellish betrayal:

Hanging The Nihilist’s debut album Prophetic Blasphemy tells an epic story of divine ambition and hellish betrayal on a backdrop of some of Europe’s most crushing and frenzied modern deathcore. Produced by Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL) and with Jack Fahlberg (Kraanium) guesting on the lead single, the album aims to trigger mosh pits and take you on an epic musical and lyrical journey.

Music and lyrics written by Hanging The Nihilist
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt
Video by Based Production Company

In pursuit of glory
You cost me everything
I side with the hungry gods
Those abusive creatures from beyond
I owe this to
All the ones you robbed of their sanity
This hunt is a chase for justice
I do this for the ones I love
We have been your tool for way too long
Now you’re the one who bows
I went through death
A blank dimension
To see what would await me
But I only saw your face
Hunted through hell
Hunted like a beast
Hunted through hell
Now that everything is lost
The black arms chase me too
Living flesh is not welcome here
Tartarus’s suffocation
Through my death
I gained the power
To release unending fury
There is no place where you can hide
So be prepared for execution
Be prepared for execution
I side with the hungry dark gods
Abusive creatures from the beyond
I side with the hungry gods
Hunted through hell
Hunted like a beast
Hunted through hell
Now that everything is lost
I have nothing but revenge to gain
I side with the hungry gods
Abusive creatures from beyond
They were the masters and you were a
Victimizing puppet in their game
Puppet in their game
You were a
victimizing puppet
In their game

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All rights reserved.

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