Deathbringer – Pitfall (When IT Begins) – Official Visualizer

Artist: Deathbringer
Song: Pitfall (When IT Begins)
Album: IT
Release Date: July 15th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Death Metal

(When IT Begins)

“It was an explosion. From a pinpoint source, bright plasma thrust outward in a multidimensional sphere.
Fire-radiation and matter-smoke…it expanded at an awesome velocity…it blossom, form rifts and internal swirls, fragments. The fragments sundered in turn, their main parts coalescing and turning, swirling, throwing off sparks of matter in the form of gas. Glowing segments developed, thousands of them, millions, filling the universe with their secondary light. Then these faded, becoming smaller as their aggregate formations became larger. Motes appeared within them as they paled…
…The focus centered on one quasar. It wavered and changed as it spun through the great emptiness around it: chaos without and within. Parts of it were fire, and parts were ice; where they met they steamed and hissed and formed into—a giant man. But the giant died and fell apart, and his flesh tumbled into soil, his bones became stones and mountains, and his hair took on independent life and became vegetation. His blood ran out and pooled into a great sea, turning green. His skull exploded, the dome of it forming the sky; his brains became clouds.
Maggots bred in the decaying hulk…and these stood up and showed themselves as animal life of diverse kinds, including men and women…Life was infestation, corruption of the perfect body of the world!”
Piers Anthony

When the womb of space is swelling for
the surplus of unreleased desires
a tremendous explosion takes place…
explosion that gives life to a new star.

Its shine is not bright yet and its
consciousness doesn’t mature for thoughts production,
But somewhere in the depths of Nothingness,
the Black Spider starts to weave its fatal web.

And the hunt begins…

Faith, hope – just another lie.
Hatred, cynicism – their seamy side.

If you see a child, you will know what innocence is.
If you meet an old man, you will find that you are not alone.
If you run into reaper, you will understand that the hunt is over.

When the womb of space is swelling for
the surplus of unreleased desires…

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