Organectomy – Coerced Through Submersion (Official Video)

Artist: Organectomy
Song: Coerced Through Submersion
Album: Nail Below Nail
Release Date: July 8th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Directed by Amber Beaton

Coerced Through Submersion
Written by Alex Paul, Levi Sheehan
Lyrics by Alex Paul

A dream of faces never seen before
Was that all real or was it fiction
Drowning in the cold of my mind
Am I awake, or am I dead?

Pleading with myself to end it all
Realities grasp is intangible
A saturating feeling, like to be born
Immersed in the womb of my skull
Beams of blinding light streak through my head
Remantling sensations through my brain
Vision returning, agony burning
Begging for the last of my rebirth
An eternity ends and now I’m free
Placate the torture that led me to believe
In a synaptic nightmare
That was once thrust upon me
Gaze up, I see my assailants splendorous, incorporeal form
Shimmer with broken geometry. A non-euclidean grin
Confined for thoughts of rebellion. That was my sin
Coerced through submersion.

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