Organectomy – Entranced By Calamity

Artist: Organectomy
Song: Entranced By Calamity
Album: Nail Below Nail
Release Date: July 8th 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Entranced By Calamity
Written by Sam McRobert, Levi Sheehan
Lyrics by Alex Paul

Catastrophic results
Imposed by human hubris
Beastial downfall
Of They from beyond
Monolithic nails
Cracking and shattering
Xenomorphic bloodshed
Carnage throughout their death throes

Eyes that see calamity are driven to avenge
Lifelessly their bodies are ravaged to the end
Their flesh is used to feed the weakened, starving populous
Subtly their DNA begins to rearrange
The masters from above, designed a failsafe
Mesmeric contagion resides beneath their skin
Free at what cost?
With the overseers gone, rebuilding and restructuring attempts are made
But a congregation of infected individuals hinder any chance of success
Driven to borderline psychosis they find themselves entranced by calamity
Systematic dismantling of anything but the idols left behind
Bones make totems to stand in reverence as a plea to bring back the lords
They who prove we are not alone

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